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Maggie Marino (owner and founder) is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and Certified Spiritual Coach.  After training under Lindsey Guttilla at Hudson Mind Body Spirit, Maggie fulfilled her dream of opening her own healing collective. Her vision has been to create a community of acceptance and understanding of the souls’ need for healing.  Everyone can benefit from taking time for quiet reflection to get in touch with their personal needs.  


Maggie has worked with special needs children and their families for 16 years to help navigate the education system, develop appropriate educational settings/programs and manage diagnosis and labels.  She brings this experience into sessions to meet clients where they are and help to guide them to their best path.


In addition to Reiki sessions and hypnotherapy, Maggie offers Reiki certification workshops, house clearings, and personal guidance for those seeking a closer relationship with spirit and those looking to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Reiki Healing
White Sheet


Mint Method is about setting intentions and taking ownership of your own spiritual growth. In the world of spirituality there are many people who will tell you that they can heal you or that carrying around a crystal will change your life.  These ideas are not untrue, but how the transformation happens is internal and not from any of these external factors.   When you enter Mint Method Wellness, Maggie will walk you through the process of setting a personal intention so that upon leaving the session, you understand your own power.  


During the session you will experience two kinds of relaxation, physical and mental.  Through this method of healing, a community of relaxation and mutual understanding will be built.  Join us at the studio for a private session or a group event. Mint Method is open to everyone whether you have your own sadhana or have never heard the word, come in and check out what Mint Method has to offer.

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